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Hollywood's male population is celebrating more than the Grammys today - gorgeous actress Charlize Theron has reportedly split from long-time beau Stuart Townsend.

After a nine-year romance, Theron has stopped wearing the commitment ring Townsend gave her, London's Daily Mail reports."Stuart gave it to me as a sign of our commitment to each other," Theron has said in the past.

Calling those who oppose gay marriage ‘prehistoric’, the Oscar winner has again reiterated her promise not to marry until gay people everywhere can do so…

Ireland, of course, led the way last week by becoming the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

But the most embarrassing part was that it took so long that they were like, “Okay, next person, please”, and it looked like I couldn’t get enough of it!

2001 - January 2010After over 9 years together, actor Stuart Townsend and actress Charlize Theron officially split in January of 2010.

‘Why can heterosexual couples enjoy one legal status and same-sex couples another?

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‘I love Sean and I love our relationship, because we make life better for each other, but he doesn’t fill a hole in me and I don’t fill a hole in him.Several years ago, when she and Stuart were together, the couple vowed not to marry until the same option was extended to their gay friends.She is now in a very happy new relationship with actor Sean Penn – who she refers to repeatedly as ‘the love of my life’ – while Stuart’s brother Dylan, the reality TV star, revealed this week that Stuart too has moved on and has a new family in Costa Rica and is about to be a father for a second time.She’s never taken it off.’However, Charlize is believed to have taken off the ring and broken up with him in 2010 after a trip to Mexico where she realised they had become ‘more like brother and sister than lovers’.Sean Penn has clearly filled a void in Charlize’s life – so much so that the twice-wed actor has spoken of getting married again.

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